Client Testimonials

"Rachel was highly knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and magically translated our conversation into an impressive resume. This service made a daunting process simple and fast and the outcome is light years ahead of what I would have been able to produce alone." — P.

"After switching careers I was having trouble effectively communicating my talents and tying them into my new field. Rachel and I spoke for over an hour and she was able to take all of my accomplishments and mold them into a cohesive, well thought-out, and attractive living document." — C.

"Rachel’s attentiveness to her craft left me in awe. She not only captured the perfect snapshot of my accomplishments, but also matched my tone and personal enthusiasm. Since my experience with Rachel, I have landed five interviews. She is a true gem & I couldn't have done this without her!" — G.

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More client feedback

  • "Rachel is kind, patient, and amazing at her job. Shortly after she completed my resume and I started using it, I started getting noticed right away." — M.

  • "After graduating, I was having trouble translating my years of restaurant experience into something professional and geared toward a different industry. She did an absolutely amazing job!" — C.

  • "I so appreciated that Rachel took the time before our initial conversation to learn about the industry I am in and understand the message I wanted to convey. Her attention to detail and excellent writing skills are evident." — K.

  • "Rachel's efforts made me a standout for both AWS & Google. I have received offers from both AWS & Google after my first application and interview process." — T.

  • "Rachel [helped] me frame my experience clearly and concisely. She listened carefully to my goals and strengths, asked good questions, and proposed creative revisions. My resume reads better than it has over my 25-year career." — A.

  • "Terrific experience! Rachel was patient and insightful. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone!" — M.

  • "[Rachel] asked great questions during the initial interview and was accommodating in the review/edit process. She did a great job with updating my resume for today's job market." — N.

  • "Extremely professional and amiable service. Rachel was not only kind and efficient but uplifting in her effort to emphasize my strengths." — M.

  • "Rachel was amazing! My resume is perfect and I feel much more confident applying for positions!" — K.

  • "Rachel was super helpful, professional, patient, and made me feel valued. I got the final draft back and immediately felt more qualified and valuable. Invest in your future." — P.

  • "Rachel was prompt, professional, and a tremendous resource. Money well spent!" — R.

  • "Rachel did an outstanding job in structuring and consolidating my 20 years of experiences and accomplishments. […] It was much better quality than anything I could've done." — E.

  • "Rachel’s professionalism and expertise were apparent throughout the entire process and I could not be happier with the final result." — J.

  • "Rachel did an amazing job of taking my thoughts and experiences and putting them on paper in a way that that highlighted my skills in a very professional manner. Communication is the key and it was excellent from the beginning through the revision process. I feel very confident with my new resume." — E.

  • "Really great service that produced an amazing finished product that I can be proud of." — D.

  • "Had an outstanding experience working with Rachel. She really helped me tell my story and provided me with a different perspective on my role over the past 12 years." — A.

  • "Rachel was great to work with. From the very beginning it was an easy process, from the phone conversation to the resume revisions. She noted exactly what I was going for and absolutely delivered." — N.

  • "I had a professional biography written by Rachel. She is great and really knows how to make it perfect. I’m thrilled with the results." — N.

  • "Rachel was attentive, patient, and professional. Her inputs and suggestions were not only appreciated, but necessary!" — J.

  • "Rachel was able to rewrite my resume to better showcase my talents and experience. The quality is top notch & turnaround time was absolutely amazing." — R.